Enemy Bubble

An enemy that is lurking in a location. The red trail shows the time frame when your Hero (Hour Hand) can send your Garmon into battle against it. The level of an enemy as well as the number of experience points gained after defeating it depends on the current level of your Garmon. Some enemies have special abilities that gives them advantages based on the battle location. See Enemies.

Garmon Home

The home of your eggs and your hatched Garmon. The health bar shows the current health of your Garmon. Make sure that the health indicator always stays in the green area. The Garmon will pass out and not be able to fight anymore if its health is below zero. You can heal your Garmon with Health Potions. See Garmons.

Status Bubbles

The status bubbles indicate the attack (ATK) and defense (DEF) values of your Garmon. This is basically the value that is applied for an attack or defense action during battle by spending one action point (AP). See Battle System.

Item Bubble

Item bubbles contain items obtained by defeating enemies. These items can be used by performing an interaction while the Hero is near to the item. Items may be stacked (e.g. the Hero has beaten two enemies and received two small health potions but they are stacked to one medium health potion). See Items.

Interaction Button

Pressing the interaction button will send your Garmon into battle if your Hero (Hour Hand) is pointing to an enemy track, use an item if your Hero (Hour Hand) is pointing to an item bubble or trigger a location specific event.

Hour Hand

The Hour Hand denotes the current location of your Hero. Your Hero will visit different routes and locations on his adventure. See Locations.

AP Indicator

Action points are driving any Garmon and the AP indicator shows how many APs you currently own. They can be spend to perform battle actions or to evade from ranged attacks. You can obtain Action Points by collecting steps with your Garmin IQ device. The amount of steps needed to fill the bar depends on the state of your Garmon (egg/hatched), the maximum number of APs your Garmon is able to carry and your daily step goal.


Locations are the environment your Hero visits during his journey. They inherit different enemy types and location events. It takes three hours for your Hero to pass a location. “Urban” is a safe house location where Item bubbles are waiting to be collected and ranged attacks are automatically fended off.

Menu Button

Opens the Game Menu.

Minute Hand

The Minute Hand is used by enemies to deploy their ranged attacks and to harm your Garmon at a distance. In case the Minute Hand points to an enemy bubble, the enemy may trigger an attack action. See Ranged Attacks.

Meta Game

By starting the first time the Hero will receive a Stage One Garmon Egg from the Egg Generator. Its now up to the Hero to collect steps until the AP Indicator is filled completely. To start hatching the Hero first chooses the desired hatching location and then climbs some floors. After breeding a Garmon it is time to level it up by visiting locations and winning battles. Garmons are passing out and cannot fight any longer for the Hero if their health is reduced to 0. No worries, the Hero can easily request to repeat the adventure. Your efforts will be carried over to the next Garmon lifecycle by increasing the chance to get a next Stage Garmon from the Egg Generator depending on the current level of your passed out monster (e.g. your Garmon passed out with level 9, your chances to reach the next Garmon Stage will be increased by 9%).


Each quarter of the clock-face denotes a location. Locations have a terrain type like water, ice, urban, mountain and more. Bubbles can only be placed at the two hour slots in the middle of a location( e.g. in the first quarter the bubble slots are at 1 and 2 o’clock, in the second quarter at 4 and 5 o’clock and so on ).

Timed Shuffle

The timed shuffle mechanic dispatches a random shuffle of the upcoming four locations twice a day at 0 am and 12 pm. It will also generate new enemies along the adventure route depending on your current Garmon level.

Real World Terrain Concept

This concept is an extension to the Timed Shuffle Concept and expected to be deployed at a later point. It is basically determining the type of the currently active location by using the real world GPS location provided by the Garmin device and an AI based mapping of the Google Maps satellite image.


Enemies have a level that determines its health, defense and attack values. They may have special abilities like Ranged Attacks. Some enemies are optional to fight and some will force your Hero to join a battle. Enemy levels depend on the level of your Garmon.

Enemy list:

  Ghost [ Wood Ghost example ]

Goblin [ Wood Goblin example ]


Garmons are fighting the battle for your Hero. They are hatching from eggs and appear in various stages with different defense and attack values as well as stage-specific improvements on level ups.

Your Garmon can be healed by Health potions collected in battles. In case your Garmon passed out you can request a new Garmon egg. 

Garmon eggs have different stages:

STAGE 1 egg:

STAGE 2 egg:

STAGE 3 egg:

More stages to come!


Items are dropped by defeated enemies. The last item received will be available to use in the Hideout. You can use an item in two ways: Pressing the interaction button as soon as your Hero (hour hand) is in range of the item in the Hideout to directly pick it up or pressing the interaction button as soon as the minute hand directly points to the item to perform a slingshot. In both cases the hands will change their outer color to indicate that interaction is possible.

Items list:

Health Potion – Regenerates health up to 50%

Big Health Potion – Regenerates health up to 80%

AP Potion – Fills Action Points up to 50%

Big AP Potion – Fills Action Points up to 80%

Bomb – Reduces enemy health. The Hero uses the minute hand to aim and throw the Bomb on enemies. [ Requires direct pick up by Hero ]

Special items:

AP Crystal – Allows the Hero to transform 1 Action Point for 2 Health Points. The AP Crystal is generated as soon as the minute hand enters the hideout location. [ Requires slingshot by Hero ]

Ranged Attacks

Enemies with the Ranged Attack ability will try to damage your Hero if he is in the line-of-sight. Ranged Attacks do not always hit. Your Garmon can use AP protection to block ranged attacks, see AP Protection.

AP Protection

The Garmon has AP Protection when the AP bar is filled out completely. Ranged attacks will not harm your Garmon as long as AP Protection is active. Keep your AP bar filled!

Inborn resistance and strong enemies

Your Garmon inherits a resistance depending on its hatching location. A resistance gives your Garmon advantages in battles (+ 1 ATK) against certain enemy types.

You can identify the family of your Garmon by its color.

Fire – Born in Volcano location.

Weakness – Water

Strong against – Wood

Ice – Born in Arctica location.

Weakness – Sand

Strong against – Stone

Stone – Born in Mountain location.

Weakness – Ice

Strong against – Sand

Sand – Born in Dessert location.

Weakness – Stone

Strong against – Ice

Water – Born in Water location.

Weakness – Wood

Strong against – Fire

Wood – Born in Forrest location.

Weakness – Fire

Strong against – Water

But beware! Enemies are also stronger and have a higher level when their type match the location type (e.g. a Wood Goblin hiding in the Forrest).


The Hideout is a special location where the Hero cannot be damaged by Ranged Attacks. Items obtained from enemies the day before can be used here. The urban  location with the house is defined as hideout.


Your Hero is in the line-of-sight of an enemy at the moment the minute hand points at the enemy.

Days Alive

The real-world days you managed to avoid your Garmon to pass out. Enemies are getting stronger every day.

Attack and Defense

The bubbles below your Garmon denote your attack(ATK) and defense(DEF) value. Spending one AP in battle allows your Garmon to attack or defense with these values respectively.

Battles run automatically, no user interaction is required. During battle your Garmon and the enemy perform their attack and defense action alternately. There are three conditions that end the fight:

  1. Enemy has no HP left: The enemy is defeated and your Hero obtains XP and an Item.
  2. Garmon has no HP left: Your Garmon passed out. REPEAT!
  3. Garmon has no AP left: Your Garmin has no Action Points left to attack or defense so it leaves the battle. The enemy performs one last attack before the battle is over.
The maximum attack strength of an enemy is equal to its level, for example a level 3 Wood Goblin randomly attacks with 1, 2 or 3 ATK. Enemies have no defense but they also use Action Points to perform attacks. The number of action points an enemy can use per battle is equal to the days your Garmon is alive plus 1, so the enemies will get stronger each day.

Who strikes first?
Enemies are well prepared, so they usually attack first. The Hero can help the Garmon to strike first by collecting a climb( going up some stairs in the real world )  before entering a battle. This is called First Strike and it impoves the chances of winning the battle drastically.

Critical Hits:
There is a small chance that your Garmon performs a critical hit while attacking. This will increase the ATK value by 1.

Terrain Advantage and inborn resistance:
Your Garmon has additional advantages depending on the current battle location and the enemy typ.
The DEF and ATK of your Garmon is increased by 1 if at least one of these conditons are met:
  1. The terrain type of the battle location equals the family type of your Garmon ( e.g. battle location is Forrest and Garmon family type is Wood )
  2. The family type of your Garmon is the weakness your enemy( e.g. your Garmom family type is Wood and your enemy is of type Sea )